Our Story

How resident review came to be

The start of the story

Kensington, Liverpool, 4 friends, Mitch, Andrew, Pablo & Paddy move in to a student house, to begin their second year at University.

The incident

On the third morning Mitch woke to find himself covered, head to toe, in bed bug bites.

The plot thickens

After tracking down one of the previous tenants, we discovered they had been complaining about the infestation for 6 months. In one of the bedrooms, it was so bad, they had to lock the door and stop using it!

The cost of the issue

After weeks of stalling, the landlord called in the professionals and discovered the cost of removing the bugs was going to be thousands of pounds.

Low and Behold

We were informed the landlord had never signed the tenancy agreement. 48 hours later we were told to vacate the property within a week.

The wider problem

When it comes to choosing a place to live, the nine million people who rent in England have very few resources available. To make matters worse, according to housing charity Shelter, a third of rented homes aren’t even up to a decent standard.

The happy ending

Wouldn’t it be nice to make decisions on more than a cursory look and gut instinct? Mitch thought that’d be swell, so dreamt up Resident Review and contacted Danny to make it a reality. With the compensation received, we have created a platform where tenants can leave and find honest testimonials about landlords, estate agents and student halls in the UK.
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